Privacy Policy

The heart & soul of the privacy policy of our prestigious & responsible University is to respect and preserve the individuality, privacy and dignity of its teaching faculties & students and also of all those people and institutions which are associated with our university. AKS University, Satna, just cherishes to extend top-notch and prolific higher education to students and professionals related to various disciplines in order to equip them for achieving thriving careers and socially respected lives, without disclosing any single piece of information linked with their personal and private life to any third person/party (barring any rigorous or contingent Governmental or legal ordinances). Hence, every member of the university or its associated institutions can rest assured that no piece of sensitive personal information given to the university by them will ever be disclosed or misused by any member of the university for drawing any illegal or unethical advantages or benefits.

To meet the above-noted policy and objectives, our dignified university which is recognised internationally has made certain strict rules and regulations to be followed rigorously by every official and member of the university. Following mentioned rules and regulations are:-

1) Every piece of personal or sensitive information, document, email, short message and query/enquiry sent by anyone ever to the university, are promptly made inaccessible to any third person/institution.

2)All pieces of conversations or communications ever made through telephonic or electronic means with any member/faculty department of the university, are kept fully confidential.

3) Every information and data associated with the educational and institutional fees, dispatchment of study materials or documents from the university, or any financial transactions ever made with the university through manual or online processes, are also kept confidential.