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Registration Open : https://rmworkshop.aksuniversity.ac.in/

DATE : 27th-31st March, 2023

Sponsored by : The National Academy of Sciences (NASI)-Bhopal Chapter

Supported by : The Biotech Research Society, India (BRSI),
                           Society of Life Sciences (SLS)

Organized by : 
Directorate of Research
Department of Biotechnology
AKS University, Satna (MP)

About the Workshop:
Creation of awareness through dissemination of knowledge related to conduction of proper research and development ethically is one of the foundation and core functions of the higher learning. By adopting good research ethics, the institutions of higher state may fulfill the requirements of the execution of cutting-edge research for the betterment of the society. The adoption of best practices of research and development generate new knowledge with harboring and developing skill of intellectual mind and training of manpower required for all sectors of the society. Ultimately, quality of manpower is the most important factor for producing good quality researches. Earlier, research was not given proper attention and it was conducted for acquiring the degree only due to constraints of limited resources and facilities, due to these reasons, the qualified students were not opting to take up research as their career option. As a consequence, there has been a steady decline in quality research over the last decades due to lack of preference by qualified students. By the time, it has been emerged as the issue of big concern among the academic community, social thinkers and policy makers. To overcome this big issue, proper training on research methodologies is the most crucial factor. Presently many universities are not having adequate provisions of training on research methodology. As a result, research students are often depending upon their supervisors/guides for finding the suitable research problem. Thereby, it is difficult to move on. To overcome this problem and improve the circumstances there is a need for organizing training programs to train the students on research Methodology. Hence, organizing the workshop on research methodology in this direction makes the effort fruitful for developing the skill the researchers for conducting quality research. This national workshop is aimed to provide an opportunity for those entering into professional and academic research as well for the established researchers to develop more sophisticated study skills by exhaustive discussions on a variety of aspects of research methodology with renowned academicians of the nation. This workshop will improve the research skills and competence among the researchers by strengthening their knowledge as well as improving researcher’s technical writing skill