Faculty of Basic Sciences


The academic programme of this faculty has been designed to meet the requirement of the latest technological developments and envisages to become state-of-the-art department with high quality education and cutting edge interdisciplinary research in science.


The novelty of this programme lies in its interdisciplinary approach, strong flavour of engineering, exposure to disciplines in the Basic Sciences


The Faculty of Basic Science has a special mission to foster collaborative, interdisciplinary research in different areas of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that will address the future needs of the society.

Basic Science and Researches are recognized as the single most important tool in creating a pool of thinkers and world leaders in Science and Technology. In India, basic science and research has gained popularity and relevance in higher education through various governmental initiatives like KVPY, NTSE, and setting up of institutions like IISER, NPL, ISRO, TIFR, Solar Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plants etc.

Currently, Faculty of basic Science offers Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programmes in the domain of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.




Course Offered


3 Yrs


PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

PMCs (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science)

2 Yrs






Major Research areas:

Physics: Space Physics, Materials Science (Nanomaterials, Polymer Composite),Solid State Physics (Superconductivity, Photo-electronics)

Chemistry: Synthetic Inorganic & Organic Chemistry, Solid State & Materials Chemistry, Medicinal Plant, Polymer Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Ultrasonic Studies.

Mathematics: Fluid Mechanics, Cosmology, Fixed point theory, Special Function.




Physics labs provide the opportunities to the students to learn the concepts of physics by performing experiments. Three basic Labs for different courses Physics Lab-I and Physics Lab-II are being offered to undergraduate students and one lab for post graduate students. The experiments were chosen cover the wide spectrum of Physics viz wave optics, electricity & magnetism, radiations, dielectrics, magnetic materials, semiconductors, optical fibers, laser, properties of matter, thermodynamics, electronics, spectroscopy etc .

  • Hall Measurement System
  • Calorimeter and Copper boiler with thermometer
  • Half shade polarimeter
  • Absorption spectrum of iodine vapors by CDS apparatus
  • Alkali or alkaline spectra using grating spectrometer setup
  • Newton’s ring and Michelson’s Interferometer
  • Microscopes and Telescopes
  • Spectrometers
  • Viscosity apparatus
  • Air resonance set up
  • Determination of Planck’s constant setup
  • Determination of e/m using Thomson’s method setup
  • Determination of e by Millikan’s method apparatus
  • Spectra of hydrogen and deuterium (Rydberg constant and ratio of masses of electron to proton) measuring apparatus
  • B-H curve apparatus of ferro-magnetic material with CRO
  • G-M Counter
  • Dielectric Setup
  • Four probe method setup
  • Phase Shift Keyed output and also to demodulate the PSK output apparatus
  • Di-electric constant (Liquid) at high frequency by Lecher wires apparatus
  • Babinet compensator
  • Determination of the refractive index of liquid using Spectrometer setup
  • Determination of Young’s Modulus, modulus of Rigidity and Poisson’s ratio by Searle’s apparatus.
  • Ferroelectric transition in TGS crystal and measurement of Curie temperature apparatus
  • Determine Stefan constant setup

Hence, we focus on building the foundations of programming so that every student can go and also become a successful entrepreneur of tomorrow. To do so, we encourage our students to get beyond of the classroom, participate in scientific events go explore the real life solving problems faced by people in the neighborhood as well as from other corner of the world. For this we believe that student should not just focus on learning the theories, building applications from what has been learnt but be a good human being.



Physical science provides the job opportunities in various fields i.e. Scientists, Teachers, Professors, States & Central Government employee, Junior research fellow & senior research fellowships in prestigious research institutes of India and aboard.