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About AKSU




The University is dedicated to perform in a unique manner to achieve academic excellence in a creative way by using innovative ideas to produce perfect human resources and to act as center for 'Amicable Knowledge Solution'.To be a Global Centre of Learning to promote Professional Excellence and Innovation . 


AKS University, is primed to fulfill its mission of developing & arming human resources with modern applied knowledge & competencies, harnessing knowledge for addressing multifarious local, regional & national challenges including creating skilled manpower to support the leapfrogging economic growth of India, enhancing engineering competitiveness through technology-development & technology-induction, enhancing agricultural productivity through Bio-technology & other innovations, environmental conservation through innovative technology & approaches. AKS University considers the paradigm of Think Global & Act Local as a key enabler in furtherance of its mission, vision and objectives, and towards this end, AKS is keenly exploring linkages with selected national & global Universities and Institutions of repute so as to maximize knowledge-exchange, joint research, faculty & student exchange, twinning programs, sharing best practices in higher education space; and thereby emerge as a globally-relevant institution in this interconnected world of today & future..



With emergence of many private Universities in India, a hope has been created that Indian higher education scene, utilizing the administrative & regulatory freedom inherent in the Private University concept, will get a fillip to achieve excellence through innovations in course offerings, teaching models, academic processes and research output. It is here that one finds that AKS University at Satna, in the Vindhya region of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, formed in 2011 is emerging as a private University with Difference.


The University offers admissions in a comprehensive array of academic programs across the disciplines of Management, Computer Science, Mining, Cement Technology, Agriculture Science, Agriculture Engineering, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Bio Technology, Basic Science, Pharmacy, Commerce, Fashion Designing, Spiritual Studies , Yoga & Meditation and others that lead students to self-enrichment and productive careers in their respective professions, government, business and industry.



AKS University at Satna [M.P.] promoted by the eminent Rajiv Gandhi Group of Institutions and value-driven professionals with an enviable track-record of moulding almost 30000 students over last 22 years, is guided by the principle of Think Global and Act Local. The curriculum, course offerings, and the Centers of Excellence at the AKS University are all aimed at knowledge-creation & skill-development, for the regional industry like Cement and cable, and for managing abundant regional natural resources like water, agriculture, environment, mines. This "Industry-Centric" approach of AKS University is giving the students assured opportunities for internship & practical training and knowledge-sharing sessions from industry professionals, and giving to the faculty member’s ample research-and-consultancy opportunities 



AKS University's teaching is based on 60-20-20 Teaching Model, so that 60% teaching would be done by eminent & highly qualified in-house faculty drawn from world-leading institutes like IITs, NIT; 20% teaching would be done by Adjunct faculty form leading institutes form the country & abroad, and balance 20% will be taught by practicing Industry professionals. Leveraging ICT innovatively, Adjunct faculty and industry professionals would teach through Webinars, besides live lectures



The University's structure and philosophy is based upon a 75:15:10 Employment Model whereby 75% of the graduating students would take up jobs in companies, 15% would become Employer-Entrepreneurs; and balance 10% would go into research activity. Besides teaching, internships and industry-projects, well-equipped research-labs and incubator cells are a key feature of AKS University 



The University's focus is on Total Transformation of The Individual and producing a complete human being who is not only skilled in a vocation/technology/knowledge, but, has sound values of integrity, teamwork, transparency, and social contribution and is spiritually-conscious rather than becoming a mere bread-earner. The University's Faculty of Spiritual Studies would endeavor to arm students with awareness of spiritual dimension of human life through short-term choice-based programmes in diverse traditions including Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism etc. and thereby realize the approach of Integrating Science & Technology with Spirituality, as espoused by many visionaries like Swami Vivekanand, Sri Aurobindo. Former president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam has evinced approving interest in this experiment and focus of AKS University on developing a Complete Human Being.

The freedom and flexibility inherent in a University is being used by AKS University to launch innovative programs & learning paradigms and to create a motivational, innovative and invigorating environment for the students and faculty. It is hoped that with attempts such as by AKS University will help Higher Education evolve to become an agent of knowledge-led transformation of the industry through enhanced competitiveness, innovative products & processes, and of the society through the contribution of students graduating as competent, spiritually-conscious & responsible problem-solvers and nation-builders.