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Paramedical Science

The Department of Paramedical Sciences is established with the objective to provide excellent and sensible teaching with maximum practical and research exposure to create skilled and well-trained Physiotherapist, Medical Lab Technician, X-Ray Technician and Operation Theater Technician.


The department seeks to nurture and develop students who have effective skill sets to ensure the wellness of society. Physiotherapy provides an in-depth understanding into the various forms of physical therapy which act as treatment modalities for some of the physique related issues faced by people.


The vision of the department is human and environmental welfare. We, at the Department of Paramedical Sciences endorse each student by providing them maximum practical approach to understand their subjects in a better way of global standards and making them technologically advanced and ethically of high quality to serve the society.

All the degree programs offered by the department are based on their academic requirements and are spelt out as a number of subject credits. Programs are structured in such a way that a student will be able to finish the programme in a stipulated number of years.

Course OfferedDurationEligibility
B.P.T.H.4 Yrs 6 MonthPassed 10+2 with PCB examination with Minimum 50% (45% for Reserved categories)
B.M.L.T.3 YrsPassed 10+2 with PCB examination with Minimum 50% (45% for Reserved categories)
D.M.L.T.2 YrsPassed 10+2 with PCB examination with Minimum 50% (45% for Reserved categories)
OPERATION THEATER TECHNICIAN1 YrsPassed 10+2 with PCB examination with Minimum 50% (45% for Reserved categories)
DXRT (Diploma in X-ray Technician)2 YrsPassed 10+2 with PCB examination with Minimum 50% (45% for Reserved categories)


The department's degree, diploma, and certificate programs are based on the M.P. Paramedical Council and are spelt out as several subject credits on their academic requirements. Programs are structured so a student can finish them in a stipulated number of years.

The department's backbone is the academic intellectual sense provided by dedicated faculty and students nationwide. The Department has a strong base in Anatomy Lab, Physiology Lab, Physiotherapy Lab, and Medical Laboratory Technologies and X-Ray Lab. The Faculty of Paramedical Sciences is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for practical training as well as promoting within the students a culture of research and development. With an elite league of faculties from the most renowned institutions nationwide, the Paramedical Sciences faculty provides students with the most comprehensive learning experience. The curriculum is strategically designed to provide students with the most insightful exposure to various subjects such as Anatomy, Biology, Physiology and Exercise Therapy. Beyond the scope of the curriculum, the program goes on to provide students with various professional skills and abilities that go on to edify their career competencies. The knowledge and understanding of the various laboratory instruments have continuously grown with the expansion of technology and digitalization. The field exposes students to a wide array of expertise in the aspects of basic X-ray, Clinical Radiotherapy, Radiobiology, Clinical Trials, Palliative Care, and Clinical Chemotherapy. The curriculum provides the students with a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and practical elements of the study through laboratories and training facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The students get their learning experience under the guidance of expert radiologists and medical doctors. 


1) H360 – CBC Analyzer
2) Urometer -120
3) Olympus Microscope (10X-100X)
4) Digital Photo Colorimeter
5) Blood Rotator
6) Cell and Colony Counter
7) Microtome
8) Centrifuge
9) Needle Cutter
10) Water Bath
11) Auto clave
12) ELISA Scan (EM)
13) CHEM – 07 Biochemistry Analyzer
14) Incubator
15) Bio Safety Cabinet

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